Green Farms Azerbaijan

Green Farms Azerbaijan is a subsidiary of Green Farms International, which is investing into Azerbaijan’s agribusiness.

GFA aims to develop a sustainable farm business that will contribute to Azerbaijan’s food security while focusing on the preservation of country’s natural resources. We are primarily looking to meet local demand in terms of quantity and quality as well as exporting and raising awareness of Azeri produce abroad.

Currently, GFA is operating on 5,000 hectares of land in the Bilasuvar region but we are looking to establish our presence in other regions while simultaneously developing our present operational base. 
We are committed to bringing cutting edge, highest quality, and efficient crop technology and production into local agribusiness while familiarizing ourselves with the local experience and traditional practices, in order to optimize the productivity of land resources.

Our goal is to be a key player in the local agribusiness; therefore, we are implementing a unique, well-structured approach built around bringing added value to the environment we operate in, as we believe this will be crucial in achieving sustainable success.



Turn–key projects


Green Farms

Bilasuvar Project

Green Farms Azerbaijan signed a 49 year lease for a 5,000 ha land plot in Bilasuvar region in May, 2017.

The land plot was previously registered and used as a grazing area but recently has been converted to land suitable for agricultural operations by the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers.

There are a number of obstacles associated with reclamation of the aforementioned land plot: lack of infrastructure, soil quality degradation due to misuse, and unavailability of an adequate irrigation source. However, we have undertaken these challenges and are executing our plan to create a successful agribusiness in Bilasuvar.

We are currently in the beginning phases of project execution and have already prepared the necessary infrastructure (drainage/irrigation) to farm 750 ha, purchased farm machinery, and constructed basic on-farm facilities.

We are implementing a crop rotation, which initially will prioritize production of cereal crops. As we improve the soil condition, the rotation will involve crops such as corn, sugar beet, cotton, and fodder crops.


Latest news

Appearance of crops shoots

At the moment, there is active emergence of barley and wheat in the fields. Healthy crop development is observed.


Seeding started

We started seeding barley and wheat on 1487 ha of land. Testing 4 different types of seed and various fertilization rates.


Fall Season Preparations

We are preparing for fall season at our Bilasuvar location. During the past few months we have successfully completed creation of drainage and irrigation networks, construction of on-farm facilities, procurement of farm machinery and equipment.


Corn Plot in Aghsu

We are providing agronomy and management services to a client in Aghsu, who is planting maize for the first time. GFA helped source all inputs (seeds, chemicals, fertilizer) and is currently managing every operation from soil preparation to harvest.


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